A guide on how to win Book of Ra slots for real money!

Catch on Book of Ra game tips, tricks, strategy and manipulations before picking up finest online Novoline & Novomatic casino bonuses for real money play!

Best Online Novoline & Novomatic casinos for real money

The first step before playing Book of Ra games online is to find the appropriate casino. This can be a very hard task because of legal regulations. Novomatic & Novoline software developers are really resilient negotiators so there are very few casinos that are offering casino slots from their portfolio. Unlike other slot makers, they are very stubborn in their demand for statutory clearness which is easy to get to in land-based casinos. A totally different story is with online game of chance companies because many deals are still in the grey zone. That is when Greentube (a company that takes care of Novomatic online presence) jumps in.

In order to make your quest for top Novoline casino easier, we created a list of online Book of Ra casinos. To be doubtless about the possibility of playing popular slots from your jurisdiction, click on your country name. It will refine the list for your needs. Opposed to our best slot bonuses list, here you can choose only Greentube powered online casinos linked to the country of your residence. Pick up the best Book of Ra online bonuses, be gamble aware and good luck!


How to make a profit while playing Book of Ra slots?

As a long time Novomatic slots players with over 15 years of experience, we must state that casino games algorithm (in general) has been enhanced a lot in the last decade, just like graphical standards of the slots. Therefore it is almost impossible to manipulate or hack Book of Ra slots in real money play. If you daydream about entering a terrestrial casino with a pseudorandom number hacking tool and do the dirty work while your companion is charming cute casino hostess, wake up! Forget about phantom Russian keypunchers because you will not be dealing with antique slot game cabinets and not every innkeeper thinks vodka is water. On the other hand, every attempt to cheat online casinos with bad codes will end with legal consequences and losing all your money because every win is reviewed in details before you are able to withdraw.

So how to discover hidden treasures inside Egyptian pyramids and yet be able to find your way out through labyrinths? The best way to reveal Pharaoh’s Relics is to understand what are you dealing with. Take a look at the most popular Book of Ra sequels basic stats and information.

Book of Ra Strategy

There are many Book of Ra game types with different features, free spins and overall experience. Although it doesn’t cause much difference while playing Novoline games in earthly based casinos it makes a huge impact to pick right sequel for online sessions. As you can see in the tables above each version is bringing something unique to the table which makes the decision very hard, especially for new and inexperienced slot spinners. Note that there are more Book of Ra versions available to play in land-based casinos and we will be covering them as soon as Greentube introduces them to the online world. The most promising are Expand and Fixed sequel. For now, take a look at the most popular ones available for online play:


♠ Book of Ra Classic: This version of the game is absolutely unplayable online due to bottommost 92% RTP among all slots sequels. The only situation when it is somewhat acceptable to play the Classic version is in bars or pubs after you order a drink and wish to try your luck with remaining pocket change. Don’t play this slot for real money!

Book of Ra Deluxe 6: Added 6th reel completely changes the algorithm and gives a chance of winning an incredible 750 000€ win in just one spin. It is very tempting for every player. Unfortunately, many will try to win big and get blinded by colossal gains in just 1 spin. Don’t do this to yourself for the reason that volatility is terrifically high so your chances are as low as when playing Progressive Jackpot Slots. The worst part of Book of Ra 6 game is in case that gets overlooked so easily. Every win that is not 6 symbols in a winning line counts on 50% bet. You can test it for free on our website.

If you turn the 6th reel off you are actually playing Book of Ra Deluxe version. And when you turn 6th reel on your balance runs dry very fast. Try to avoid this slot in real money play.


♠ Book of Ra Deluxe: It is a refined sequel visually adapted to modern online needs. The most noteworthy changes are 95,2% RTP, more than 3% compared to the original and 10 possible win lines which increases possible jackpot wins for 25 000€. This is slot version to go for in land-based and online casinos.

Book of Ra Jackpot Edition: Is a Deluxe sequel with a chance of winning jackpot besides regular play. Chances of winning it are very low but it doesn’t affect the basic game.

♠ Book of Ra Magic: This one comes with a revamped bonus free spins feature. The base game and RTP are the same as in the Deluxe sequel. Every time you retrigger free spins during the bonus round is awarded additional special expanding (cloning) symbol as well as with 10 more free spins. 90 free spins with 9 special expanding symbols are the ultimate goal unmatched in any other Book of Ra slot version. Test Book of Ra Magic for free and play it for real money!

Book of Ra Roulette

A nice addition to the Book of Ra portfolio is a Roulette version of Novomatic & Novoline slot. The company responsible for this unique casino game is Extreme Live Gaming. It is a live dealing Roulette game designed around recognisable Book of Ra thematics.

The game can be played at live casinos such as LeoVegas and Circus.

Try out Martingale or James Bond Roulette strategy while playing Book of Ra Roulette casino game online!

How to play Book of Ra slots for real money?

There are many guides and strategies one can google online about how to win and play high volatility slots in general. Book of Ra game series is no different in that regard. Our main goal is not to deceive visitors on our site. Instead, we primarily focus on clearing the fog around misbelief that it is possible to influence the final outcome while playing high variance casino games handled by RNG (random number generator). There is no legal way to hack or manipulate slots for personal profit. Like any other programmed game of chance, you need something magical to benefit. That magic is called luck and there is no medieval Grimoire that will teach you how to cast it every time you need your lucky stars to be aligned. In the long run, you will lose playing Book of Ra and any other casino slot if you are not extremely lucky.

However, there are some guidelines on how to play the game to increase your chances for profit. Or at least cut down possible losses. Almost 2 decades of playing casino games and ‘graduating’ on Book of Ra has sharpened our spin technique. So we decided to share our gambling method as something that has been working for us for a long time. Think no more about different strategies that correlate with Blackjack or Roulette, they simply don’t work with casino slots. Use common sense and read our way of dealing with very high variance slots, Book of Ra in particular.

Book of Ra Tips

  • Play Deluxe, Jackpot or Magic sequel for online real money play. Avoid Classic version because of only 92% RTP and avoid Deluxe 6 version on behalf of awfully high volatility when you turn on the 6th reel.
  • Always play Book of Ra slot games on low to medium-low bets. High variance slots are designed to payback huge in 1 spin. The problem is that it requires a lot of ’empty’ spins before reaching your goal.
  • Remember that when you increase overall stake in Book of Ra slots you are making the game more volatile. That means free spins on the 50€ bet are rarer compared to entering free spins on 1€ bet per spin.
  • Have enough balance for at least 350-500 spins before even considering to start playing. You will need several free spin features for big wins and they come after 150-250 regular spins, depending on the current session.
  • After winning 400x your bet or more on a single spin during free spins, stop playing. It doesn’t matter if it occurs at the start of the session or as a return to the player after a lengthy play. In 99% of the sessions, it will be followed by a longer period of dryness. Wait for one week before playing again at the same casino.
  • Don’t ever increase your overall stake when playing Book of Ra slots or any other high variance slot. Lowering your bets is a good thing at some point and recommended. It will increase your chance to enter the free spins feature.
  • Always play Book of Ra slots on maximum winning lines possible. You are aiming for big gains in free spins. You wanna make sure that every payline is active when cloning symbols expand on every reel. It will also allow you more winning combos during regular play in order to make Book of Ra game more sustainable.

Book of Ra No Deposit Bonus Tricks

The best way to give it a try in real money play is to take No Deposit Bonuses. All you need to do is click on the images to the right and claim No Deposit Book of Ra bonuses! Short registration will lead to free credits in your balance from where you will be able to play number 1 Novoline game risk-free. Energy casino will welcome you with 5€ worth free credits. Lv Bet will boost your account with 7€ free after registration!

BOR   Frequently Asked Questions

How to pick the best casino for BOR sessions?

Click the arrow on the right and you will be transferred to the top of this page with best Novoline casinos. Select your country and voila!

Book of Ra Bonus Hunting

High volatility slots with only 95 % RTP are not adequate for bonus hunting. Our advice is to take a welcome bonus for a small part of the deposit money just to make sure the casino is honest. Second deposit should be without bonus wagering requirements so you can withdraw as soon as you win.

The best Book of Ra sequel for real money play?

  1.  Magic
  2.  Deluxe
  3.  Jackpot

The best Book of Ra payment methods

  1.  PayPal
  2. Neteller
  3. DebitCards

Where to play Book of Ra slots for free?

Your search has come to the end. On Book of Ra Magic website, you can play every version of the game that is updated for online gaming.

Flash or HTML5 version?

Flash for Desktop, HTML5 for mobile play. Mobile devices don’t support flash by default and you shouldn’t be installing it just to play Book of Ra slots for security reasons.

Can one use VPN to play Book of Ra?

A complex question with more details below.

Best Book of Ra alternative?

Book of Dead, a copy-pasted Book of Ra Deluxe slot with 1 % higher RTP.

Book of Ra & VPN usage

VPN usage has become very spread around the globe because of unblocking geo-restricted content and adding another layer of online security and privacy to some extent. With the rise of cryptocurrencies,  it almost became mandatory to use Virtual Private Networks to play online slot games at BitCoin friendly casinos. At the moment it is not possible to play Book of Ra at crypto casinos so we don’t recommend it. But nothing is black an white so please read about our experience with the subject.

  • Don’t ever use VPN to bypass geo-restricted content in casinos because your money will be lost and you are risking account termination.
  • Don’t ever use it at online casinos to unblock better bonuses and promotions.
  • You can use VPN when on vacation or holidays but only to unblock games that are possible to play from your domestic jurisdiction.

Final thoughts

As years pass by Book of Ra slots continue to be one of the most played casino slot games. As with any other popular substance, there are many variations and different opinions that can be found online. We tried to be as honest as possible with our review so we don’t mislead our viewers. If you came this far on this page there is a big chance of a disappointment. Because no one has a magic rod to help him win with Book of Ra games.

Your best bet with casino slots is to not play them at all. Every one of them is designed so you lose in a long time. But there is always ich that you are the one who will reveal a famous researcher with the hat on every reel and win an enormous amount of money.  It is possible but it takes a lot of patience and a cold head to manage your balance.

Try out each Book of Ra sequel for free on our website and you will see yourself that you need balance for around 400 regular spins, low bet per spin and a touch of luck to win big. Play only with the money you own and when the fun stops, STOP! Be gamble aware.