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Play the best Novoline & Novomatic slot games online for free! No Download! No Signup! Find out why is Austrian company the best software developer!

About Novomatic

The Novomatic group is probably the best slot developer in the world. It is an Austrian based company that is operating all around the world with a 5 billion € turnover per year. They have a huge impact on land-based casinos with their popular slot machines that can be found almost everywhere. From cafes and gas stations to fancily decorated casinos. Most popular Novomatic slot games  are: Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot, Lucky Lady’s Charm and many more.

Free Novoline Slots

No matter if you are looking for relaxation after a hard day at work or just amusing yourself on the go, you came to the right place. All you need is an internet connection to choose among a variety of Novoline slots completely for free and without prior registration or download. The only tool needed is your favorite web browser and free fun in demo mode can start. Gratis slots at our site are available on your Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook devices from the comfort of your home and from Android, IOS and Blackberry devices for those on the move. All slots on Book of Ra Magic website are risk-free, meaning you don’t need to deposit real money in order to play them!

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What are Novoline casino slots?

Very simply designed machines that spin when you push the button. Novoline games consist of three or more reels and are most played casino games in the world, online and land-based. Like any other casino game, they are made to bring profits to their owners. In the long term, you will lose playing casino slot games more than any other game because their return to player (RTP) is lower compared to Blackjack or Roulette. What makes them so popular and appealing for a large number of players is the simplicity and really easy to learn gameplay. Even a complete beginner can learn how to play Novoline casino slot machines in a matter of a couple of hours.

We suggest you play them on our website for free in order to learn how to play. However, some of the biggest wins in casino history are made on Novoline casino slots. They are powered by a random number generator (RNG) so if you are lucky enough you can spin out your lucky number before losing a lot of money. After all, it is a game of chance, so even the lowest RTP and highest variance (volatility) game can bring you lucrative gains. Read more about casino terms at the bottom of the site in our FAQ section.

Types of Novoline Slots

The most popular types are classic slots (3 reels), video slots, multi-payline slots, jackpot slots, progressive slots, and 3d slots. On our website, we are mostly covering multi-winning line slots with bonus features or free spins. Majority of casino slot machines made by Novomatic & Novoline are a multi-payline, medium-high volatility, medium Return to player slots with special free spins bonus round. Just as we like them the most.

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Which slots pay the best?

It is impossible to give a straightforward answer to this question. Because it all comes down to what the player is looking for. The highest wins are gained in progressive jackpot slots but the possibility is very low. The most famous progressive jackpot slots are Mega Moolah and Arabian Nights so if you are looking for a jackpot above 1 million those are the best slots to try your luck.


The highest RTP slots are Mega Joker and Jackpot 6000 with a return to the player up to 99%. If you look for the most sustainable slots these are the ones for you. The wins are not very high but are quite frequent.


Our favourite ones are high volatility casino slots because they fit somewhere in the middle of the jackpot and highest RTP slots. Wins are not that often but when you finally lose them a bit, gains can be very lucrative. They usually have some sort of bonus round or free spins feature which makes the game very entertaining. You should test every type of casino slots for free before entering the real money play. Always remember that with higher gains comes a lower possibility of winning. Novoline slot machines have high volatility so be prepared for a longer period of time without gains before you finally win big.

Classic Slots

They are simple designed 3 reel slots with up to 5 paylines and without additional features like bonus rounds or free spins. Classic slots usually have regular symbols like 7s, bars, fruits, bells and are very common; therefore you can play them in every online casino.

Jackpot Slots

You have an additional chance of winning besides regular play while playing Jackpot Slots. Every time you spin a small portion of bet, it is accumulating. So if lucky you can hit the jackpot and win big. They are related to a specific casino and can be played only there.

Progressive Slots

Unlike Jackpot slots, progressive jackpot slots are connected between several different casinos. That means no matter what casino you play on you can win the very high jackpot because money is being accumulated on every online casino that has that game in the offer.

3d slots

As the name says, these are the most modern slots with the best visual graphics and sounds. 3d slots are becoming more popular, especially for the new players that are used to the higher graphical standards. They are very entertaining and often have several bonus rounds.

Video Slots

Video slots are all games with special features like bonus rounds or free spins. They started to be popular in the mid-80s as soon as technology allowed creating such casino games. Video slots can also be Progressive, Jackpot, 3d and multi winning line slots.

Multi-Payline Slots

In opposite to Classic Slots, every casino game that has more than 5 winning lines is called Multi-Payline Slots. You can choose among a huge variety of Multi-Payline Slots on Book of Ra Magic.com website completely for free and without prior signup or download.

Novoline Slot Machines Terms

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